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Buying property, whether it’s a first home or investment can be a daunting arena to enter into on your own, leaving many Kiwis feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Being part of the Ronovationz family takes that fear away.

Ron and his Coaches have their fingers on the pulse and know intimately what’s going on in the Auckland property market at any stage of the Property Cycle.

Placing offers, negotiating and attending auctions weekly, the Ronovationz Team have on the ground, up to date information without the need to rely on reports that are often weeks or months out of date.

Ron, his Coaches and the Ronovationz students share their experiences and knowledge, On The Road, during fortnightly class sessions and through our private Facebook page.

Ronovationz has helped 100’s of Kiwi’s from all walks of life, young and old, get onto the property ladder.  We are passionate about what we do and will help you reach your property goals too.  We are more than just another Property Coaching Company, we are a Property Coaching Family, and we invite you to be part of ours and to enjoy the rewards that owning property brings.


A Wealth of Knowledge

All our Coaches have impressive property portfolios and years of investing experience. On top of the personal relationship you have with your Coach, you also benefit from the knowledge and information which is shared freely throughout the group via regular networking events, classes and group activities. One of the most important things you will learn is the ability to understand the Property Cycle, where we are in it and what the specific buying strategies are for the current market.

Power Team

We want you to succeed, and we know the best people to help with that. You will have access to our Power Team of property professionals – from Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Project Managers, Insurance Brokers, Builders, Property Managers, Plumbers and other key players.  These professionals have been used and recommended by our Coaches and students.

On The Road (OTR)

We meet every Saturday morning (9:30am to 3:00pm), and second Thursday evening (6:30pm to9:30pm) and go “OTR” (come rain or shine!). Ron the Coaches and our trusted Agents spend the day/evening looking through potential properties with us and teach in real time how to assess a property’s “real” value, what areas to buy in, how to add value, what maintenance issues to look out for and much much more.

Thursday Evening Classes

Every second Thursday evening we meet and listen to informative talks from professionals in the property sector. We may learn about the latest requirements for Meth, Insulation, Healthy Homes, Asbestos and more. This is also an opportunity to network with other Ronovationz members. Ron gives Monthly Market Updates about what he is seeing happening in the Auckland Property Market and the auction rooms and we hear Student Success Stories as well as celebrating any recent student purchases.


  • Ron & team are extremely professional and experienced - they have a very high level of expertise and understanding of the Auckland property market. I have had first hand experience & benefit of being involved with the group and also know of others who have had similar positive experiences.

    Rajan Shanker Avatar
    Rajan Shanker

    Ron and his team teaches the basic fundamentals of property investing and shows you how to apply it out in real life and achieve excellent results. He has a good heart and helps countless people achieve financial goals that they only dreamt about before. Thanks Ron for the guidance and opening my eyes to the opportunities.

    Olric Thomas Avatar
    Olric Thomas
  • Jason takes into account your situation and encourages the best path for you for a successful financial future. He is compassionate and always positive as well as keeping you active in the market.
    He is completely trustworthy and has his clients best interest at heart.

    Sarah Lowe Avatar
    Sarah Lowe

    Jason is very approachable, willing to help with any property advice and supporting with his knowledge. Very down to earth and likeable. We are happy to have him as our property coach

    Darren & Faith Anderson Avatar
    Darren & Faith Anderson
  • I am not attending Ronovationz activities much more nowadays, because I have retired reasonably COMFORTABLE - thanks for Ron and his team for their help to make me to achieve what I dreamed of. Thank you very much Ron!

    Jenny Lee Avatar
    Jenny Lee

    OUTSTANDING performance & results when it comes to negotiating, training & sales in property. So glad I joined Ronovationz ... the best thing I have ever done being a widow with 2 kids who wants to make a difference in my kids lives ... if I could I would give 10 Stars!!

    Dee Kemp-Towns Avatar
    Dee Kemp-Towns
  • Incredible Coach. Patiently guided us at each phase and with each step. Explained everything from getting our pre-approval, setting up our buying criteria, helping us hunt down the best deals, coming up with a masterful negotiation strategy, telling us who to contact and when, helping us identify what should/shouldn't be in the reno, and helping with things while we were away on vacation. He was always just a message away and took the time to ensure we were understanding and learning the process. Thank you Jason!🙂

    Saketh Ram Avatar
    Saketh Ram

    Buying our first investment was a challenge for my husband and I as we didn't know where to start but especially for fear. Ronovationz has made it possible. Ron and his team of coaches have guided us through the process of looking for a property, what to look for, the paperwork required, etc. Being young and being a property investor. It feels unreal sometimes for us.Thank you very very much Ronovationz for helping us understand what property investment is all about!

    Maheata Adeline Avatar
    Maheata Adeline
  • The best property coaching group in town! Real results driven, personal one to one guidance throughout the entire property investment journey. Backed by an power team of experts for every step of the process and they have a money back guarantee!

    Jason Tan Avatar
    Jason Tan

    Jason has been an awesome coach for us who offered lots of help and guidance from the first day we joined Ronovationz. He is always there whenever we have any queries or unsure of anything. He went through open homes and with us, also the on the road, offered really wise advice, he is the property guru!

    Jess & Josh Avatar
    Jess & Josh
  • We've never seen a team like Ronovationz working hard for your success as property investors. They go with your pace and give you tones of advice on property. Ron is so adorable and a great man to be around with. Humble and simple! Thanks Ron and to the Ronovationz team.

    Maheata Adeline Avatar
    Maheata Adeline

    Ronovationz team are all very helpful i highly recommend. Jason Tan is a great coach, negotiation skills are amazing, and as a coach has a the ability to keep you in-check and focus on whats important. Jason is Genuine and has your best interests in mind.

    Ryan Avatar
  • Joining Ronovationz is one of the best choice I have made in my life. I would not be where I am today if I have not met Ron and the group. I am forever grateful for the direction and mentorship I have received from Ron. He is a well respected and honourable man. This will not be changed by any public accusations against him from people with no true knowledge of The Man.

    Patsy Chen Avatar
    Patsy Chen

    I never thought we could get on the property latter let alone own a home worth over 800k and growing. If you told me a year ago that I would own a home I would have laughed at you, now this dream is real. Thank you Ronovationz and coach Jason for being so pivotal in our financial literacy and wealth creating journey :)

    Tam alams Avatar
    Tam alams
  • Ron and his team are extremely helpful knowledgeable and professional. Ron is one of the most genuine and honest people I have dealt with. I trust him 100% and I thank him and his team for their excellent help advice and guidance.

    Deborah Kay Avatar
    Deborah Kay

    I have been a member of Ron Hoy Fong's Ronovationz for around 2 years and have found them to be a great property investors group. Ron's knowledge and foresight is invaluable and he comes from a truly altruistic perspective. Ron and his team helped me to purchase two properties within my first year of joining them. I fully recommend Ronovationz to any interested party.

    Ross Corlett Avatar
    Ross Corlett
  • Thank you to Ron and the team for helping to guide us with purchasing our first rental property in Auckland. We have found the team to be so helpful and full of knowledge about the property market in Auckland.

    Keri Milich Avatar
    Keri Milich

    Ron and his team of highly experienced coaches are simply the BEST! Ron is a true leader who walks the talk and is willing to share his knowledge with the students. We joined in early 2019 and within 2 months we had 2 investment properties in our names. Ronovationz has truly made a difference in our future plans and are excited to learn more.

    Nonah Stowers Avatar
    Nonah Stowers
  • Ron is the most helpful person I have ever met, and he puts on a great Christmas Party! Such an awesome group to get contacts for property renovations and really keeps you motivated into buying your next property!

    Dave Crowther Avatar
    Dave Crowther

    Ron is a kind man with a good heart, helping others with a mentoring membership on property investment. Like many other associations. In my opinion the charges are unfounded. I myself have competed with other members on properties many times. It seems unfair he is being targeted in this way. I wish him the best result in the case against him.

    Darren Anderson Avatar
    Darren Anderson
  • Ron and the Ronovationz team are there to assist in every aspect of property investing helping you to achieve financial success. We had an idea of what we wanted to achieve prior to becoming involved with Ronovationz but did not have the knowledge to reach those goals. when I met the Ronovationz team, they assisted us with every aspect of reaching those goals.We value their time, wisdom and experience and can't recommend them enough. Thank you so much Ron and Ronovationz!

    C Bul Avatar
    C Bul

    Carl, you have made us not a few thousands, but nearly a hundred thousand of dollars on our first property deal. Thanks to what you taught us.
    You held our hands during the whole process, and we now know how to assess a property, evaluate potential purchases. this new knowledge is going to enable us to reach our goal with confidence.
    We are now ready for the next good deal. We believe with your advice and guidance we can do it again with great success.

    Peter & Silvia Avatar
    Peter & Silvia
  • Jason is Calm! He brings me back to focusing on what needs to be done before I can buy my first property with Ronovationz. He reads my comments in messages and also listens carefully and gives feedback to help move me to "the best thought approach" to enable me to achieve my goals. Grateful to know you Jason!

    Alaine Tasker Avatar
    Alaine Tasker

    The best thing we like about Ronovationz is there is plenty of in-field support. The modest one-off lifetime fee was more than returned on our very first investment property purchase, which we made within two weeks of joining. All credit belongs to Ron and the Ronovationz coaches and partners. We will always be grateful for their wisdom, heart for the students success and superior business savvy.

    Tom Spratt Avatar
    Tom Spratt
  • Linh is business savvy, knowledgeable and professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. Lihn has put us on to 3 properties and hopefully many more. Lihn has a great sense of humour which makes the adventure all the more fun. I totally recommend her as a coach.

    Geoff 'Fish' Troughton Avatar
    Geoff 'Fish' Troughton

    Ronovationz is not just a group, it's more like a family. The people I met here were so down to earth despite being so far ahead in their lives, they would help you with everything if you're willing to put in the effort.

    Param Mehta Avatar
    Param Mehta
  • Jason recently helped me buy my first investment property. His knowledge and skill in all aspects of buying, renovating and renting out a property made the entire process easier and more stress free than I ever thought possible. What Jason doesn’t know bout buying property in Auckland isn’t worth knowing and he’s also a bloody nice guy to boot & infinitely available and approachable. I can’t recommend Jason highly enough

    Paul Avatar

    Jason has been a great help for my journey into the property market, I found him to be very helpful , knowledgeable and resourceful.
    I would not hesitate in referring Jason as my property coach, not only does how know his stuff, he is also a great guy to have on your side!

    Hus Avatar
  • Ron! .....I gave you hell of a time, asking you why, why why, you explained, we had a deal and you delivered!!! Thanks, Bernie x P.S where's my wooden planter?!! x

    Bernadette Braunton Avatar
    Bernadette Braunton

    Jason helped me buy a house. He made me a small fortune. Having him as my coach was the best business decision I’ve ever made. In addition, he’s smart, personable, loves patiently teaching, always honest, and really really conscientious - he returns texts, emails and phone calls in 30 seconds. Finally, he’s a down to earth aspirational entrepreneur and a regular kiwi guy, where FairPlay and fun can co exist with rapid action and business savvy.

    Jet Conde Avatar
    Jet Conde
  • Ron and his team are very professional, and helpful. They genuinely want you to do well and will bend over backwards to assist. They go the extra mile. As with anything - you have to make the final decision that’s right for you and where you are at with your finances. They provide the platform for future success to ensure you get on track on this pathway. They give you the confidence and it is a life changing ( for the better ) journey. Thanks Ron, Yolanda and team!

    ArieViv van der Houwen Avatar
    ArieViv van der Houwen

    Investing in rental properties has been hit and miss for me in the past. But thanks to Ron and his team, I'm now well informed before making my purchases since joining the group. Keep up the good work.

    Rohan Godinho Avatar
    Rohan Godinho
  • My husband and I were skeptical about getting our investment property and didn't know where to start. My husband's good friend Raymond introduced us to Ronovationz and it has been an interesting learning experience. We could not have done it without our wonderful coach LINH, who guided us in getting our first investment property. Thank you Ronovationz and Ron's great team for helping us get on the property ladder. :)

    Deepa Patel Avatar
    Deepa Patel

    Within one year under Jason's guidance, his market knowledge and investment expertise led us to double our number of investment properties. He actively assisted our learning: from the property search right through to bidding and winning every auction for us. Our strategy is now strong and our net worth position now set to reap exponential rewards come the next cycle. His guidance has generated never-ending rewards for us. Thank you Jason

    Ilse Avatar
  • Linh has been our coach for 18 months. She is a whirlwind of enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge and experience. Linh has helped us nail two purchases and one big Reno so far. The hours that this lady gives is phenomenal. And she pushes you along to succeed. I can’t rate her highly enough

    Trevor Starr Avatar
    Trevor Starr

    Jason has been a wonderfully supportive and readily accessible coach from the very first contact, through the journey in finding the right property, the auction process and working hand in hand through our renovation. Having Jason alongside us during every step has given us additional confidence to successfully move forward with our investment dreams.

    Donna Avatar
  • Very helpful! Ron and his coaches are like family to us. Very approachable and they answer your questions when needed. After owning our home while being new to NZ, joined Ronovationz and bought our first rental with limited resources, all with the help of the expertise of Ron and his team of highly skillful professionals and tradesmen. What more can you ask for! Would encourage everyone to have a chat with Ron and his team!

    Maria Shella Avatar
    Maria Shella

    Awesome Coaches and Ron was really supportive and approachable. The on the road experience and regular discussion meeting gave us great insight on the topic of property which we highly recommend to anyone who is considering knowing more about property or investing.

    Kevin Liu Avatar
    Kevin Liu
  • Ron and the team assisted me into my first investment property , could not have asked for better mentoring and knowledge, saved me thousands on purchase and made the whole process easy ans stress-less.

    Kerry Wood Avatar
    Kerry Wood

    Ron Thank You for Inspiring Others to Dream big, To Make Choices that Really effect the Success of their Future Retirement needs Or Immediate financial Needs. Thank you For sharing With Us! and Getting hands on and meeting with us and surrounding us with a team of investors That have Made it!! Their knowledge and Your knowledge Just made us Powerful!! Knowledge is Power and a Light to Our Feet!! On What to Do and Where to Go. Excited to Make the next Investment deal!

    Meleane Teputepub Avatar
    Meleane Teputepub
  • Jason is a super coach! His knowledge of property investment is extensive and current, thereby allowing him to give expert advice to his students. He is always available and is friendly, approachable and always willing to go the extra mile for his students.

    Les Avatar

    These guys are awesome, Ron and his team walk the walk, knowledgeable, experienced and on the ball, best investment, apart from Property (and marrying my wife) I've made. Can't recommend highly enough, thanks guys.

    Sandy Morrison Avatar
    Sandy Morrison
  • With the help of Ron and the Team our property Journey has been very successful. We have benefited greatly from the advise of their coaches and are very happy to be associated with them and their expertise when it comes to property investing.

    Marivic McFall Avatar
    Marivic McFall

    Ron and the team are 100% genuine property experts that put their heart and soul into ensuring that you achieve success. I personally have been involved with Ronovationz since 2014 and have made a lot of money since. They are very hands-on and really look after you and "hold your hand" along the way. These guys are the REAL DEAL. Alex

    JAFA Kingussie Avatar
    JAFA Kingussie
  • The team at Ronovations are fantastic! Ron is a big help, and really supports you through the whole process to buy your investment property, the team has such good support, advice, and trade connections.

    Scott McGrath Avatar
    Scott McGrath

    Linh is the type of coach who goes over and beyond for her students. She has a customised plan for each student, including short and long term goals, depending on their needs. On top of all that, Linh is also a warm, genuine, and fun person. Being her student also means that you will laugh till your tear

    Jenny Sun Avatar
    Jenny Sun
  • The absolutely best investor group. Warm and honest, full of trust worthy professionals who are willing to share and help. A place I learned a lot and met a lot of great people. Highly recommended!!

    Mark Tung Avatar
    Mark Tung

    Just started my journey with Ronovationz end March and have been learning a lot from the coaches who are more than willing to share their experiences and guiding me towards my 1st investment soon. Ron is very down to earth and share his experiences and knowledge of the market without hesitation.

    Paul Yong Avatar
    Paul Yong
  • I would recommend Linh to anyone wanting to get into the property market. She has helped me to add another property onto my portfolio. Her attention to detail is spectacular and she readily available all the time to help. Once again thank you Linh and I’m happy to be one of your students.

    Al Madondo Avatar
    Al Madondo

    As a savvy property investor himself, Jason offered great insight when I purchased my first investment property. From viewing, analysing, auction, negotiation to renovation and leasing, Jason patiently guided me through the process. I particularly appreciate Jason’s approach of not just assisting me with a purchase, but also transferring his knowledge to educate me to become a better investor. I highly recommend Jason to those looking for a coach who is approachable and professional.

    Maranda Avatar
  • Ron and the team provide invaluable advice and assistance in getting the right property in right area. Their hands on approach and guidance makes the property investment process so much easier.... and safer. Joining Ronovationz was one of the best decisions I have ever made and my only regret is that I haven't done it sooner!

    Mariusz Rystwej Avatar
    Mariusz Rystwej

    I am not attending Ronovationz activities much more nowadays, because I have retired resonably COMFORTABLE - thank Ron and his team for their help to make me to achive what I dreamed of. Thank you very much Ron!

    Jenny Lee Avatar
    Jenny Lee
  • Ron and his team are extremely helpful knowledgeable and professional. Ron is very genuine and honest person . We so glad that we have chance to work and learn from him. We thank him and our coach Linh for their excellent help advice and guidance. They help us to have great goal investment, personal development. They’re more like family. We really recommend this team to join.

    Thao Nguyen Avatar
    Thao Nguyen

    Joining Ronovationz has been the best financial decision I have made. The wealth of experience in this group is unparalleled and the advice I have received has always been spot on. Ultimately, success is up to you, but the team at Ronovationz give you confidence and guidance to help you achieve your goals! Looking forward to kicking more goals in the future!

    Kevin de Silva Avatar
    Kevin de Silva
  • Ron and the team are 100% genuine property experts that put their heart and soul into ensuring that you achieve success. I personally have been involved with Ronovationz since 2014 and have made a lot of money since. They are very hands-on and really look after you and "hold your hand" along the way. These guys are the REAL DEAL. Alex

    JAFA Kingussie Avatar
    JAFA Kingussie

    Ronvationz , buy well and add value , have a large knowledge pool to call on . In 3 months I had purchased one of their hand picked properties that gave me an equity of 3 times my annual income just on the purchase . they will teach you what the schools never will , financial literacy.

    Paul Hutter Avatar
    Paul Hutter
  • Behind every successful person lies a great mentor that allows you to achieve the most incredible goals. Ron Hoy Fong and his Ronovationz coaching team have given me the opportunity to achieve my financial goals through property investment. Ronovationz coaching is hands on and the coaches are with you every step of the way. If you are serious about creating financial freedom in your life, you need a mentor. Ronovationz is the greatest investment my wife and I ever made.

    Martin Braunton Avatar
    Martin Braunton

    I have been working with Linh for several years now. Her knowledge, integrity and enthusiasm as a property coach is amazing and would be happy to recommend her to others whether they are new to property or a seasoned investor!

    Jared HF Avatar
    Jared HF


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