Linh has integrity, is empathetic and makes investing fun. She has successfully helped more than 100+ individuals to either get into their first home, help grow a profitable portfolio or both.

Linh comes from an extensive and successful background as a – Sales Development Coach, Country Manager, Investor and Entrepreneur.

She arrived in New Zealand at a very young age with her family as refugees, and by the age of 13, had left home and dropped out of school with no plans for her future.

Struggling and broke at 17, she came across a book titled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Something immediately resonated with her, and with no formal training, and years of hard work, she had owned and operated 3 different businesses by the age of 22.

A few years later, Linh and her partner decided to buy their first home. They spent their weekends going to open homes, and after 18 months, had bought their first home. Unfortunately, the year after, the economy went into recession and the GFC soon followed.

Linh worked a full-time day job and went to University at night, but her partner was made redundant and interest rates soon rose to 10.75%. In order to realise their dream, the couple sacrificed their honeymoon, missed family weddings, social gatherings, and worked through holidays and weekends.

In 2014 when she met Ron Hoy Fong. With his guidance, her tenacious personality and only the equity in her family home, Linh took massive action and successfully built a multi-million dollar portfolio within 18 months.

In 2016, Linh was approached to become a Coach for her forward-thinking, analytical negotiations skills and highly driven nature. She is instinctively creative with space and interior design. This has translated into massive profits for both herself and her students, including a renovation deal that made a $45oK net profit in only 8 weeks!

There’s no surprise she is a popular Coach with an outstanding track record at Ronovationz.

Q & A

It’s rewarding to be able to pay forward the knowledge that’s helped me but also to prevent others from making costly mistakes. The best part is, I get to come along in a life changing Journey and see it all the magic happen!
The people! I get to meet a vast range of individuals and hear their stories of struggles and success. Learning comes in all shapes and from all places, so I gain many life lessons through others experiences. I’ve also been fortunate to meet a bunch of like mined people that I will share a life-long property journey with.
Growing up I struggled and went without the basics in life that we easily take for granted. That was my greatest motivation and played a large part. Now that I’m a mum, my two boys are the reason for all that I do!

There’s no other property group quite like this. Ronovationz has over 650 members that have successfully used Ron’s proven strategy!

Ronovationz is a huge network of people from diverse backgrounds. We have our own list of preferred experts ranging from Builders, Lawyers, Estate Agents, Accountants and Brokers, they are all familiar with how quickly we work and the quality of workmanship we demand, not only is this important but they are also investors themselves!

The One-to-One Coaching, the Life Time Membership and practical “On The Road” advice is invaluable to say the least!

Ronovationz is an extended family, always welcoming and ready to help!

  • My husband and I were skeptical about getting our investment property and didn't know where to start. My husband's good friend Raymond introduced us to Ronovationz and it has been an interesting learning experience. We could not have done it without our wonderful coach LINH, who guided us in getting our first investment property. Thank you Ronovationz and Ron's great team for helping us get on the property ladder. :)

    Deepa Patel Avatar
    Deepa Patel

    Linh is an amazing property coach and we're extremely grateful to have her support. Within 6 months of joining we had purchased and renovated 2x Auckland properties, each gaining approximately $100k in the process, courtesy of sound advice and excellent negotiating. Linh was always there to assist even when we weren't, due to the fact we don't even live in Auckland! We simply couldn't have achieved anything without her... or enjoyed the journey as much as we did. If you're looking for a property coach, then we couldn't recommend anyone more than Linh. Thank you!

    Heather Cheer Avatar
    Heather Cheer
  • Linh has been our property coach for the last 18 months and helped us purchase 3 rental properties during this time, she has guided us through all the processes, from purchase to renovation and finally renting out, always the professional, her expertise and knowledge is invaluable and without her and the Ronovations team we definitely wouldn't be where we are today with the 3 rentals. Linh is always available, and if not immediately she will promptly return your call, this is something that makes a huge impact on my respect and admiration for her. Her bubbly and energetic personality are GENUINE and REAL! shes unstoppable when she sets something in her sights. Another wonderful attribute of Linh is her SELFLESS commitment to her students, colleagues and family, she really is one of a kind. She is a wealth of knowledge! We are excited to take the next step with Linh in our next purchase as and when the time is right and until than Linh still gives us her time, even if just for a chat, laugh and catch up. Proud to have Linh as our coach and even prouder to call her a friend, thanks a mill!

    Brigitte Troughton Avatar
    Brigitte Troughton

    Linh is an amazing coach. If you are lucky enough to get her you have hit the jackpot. She recently got us an amazing double grammar zone property at $105 k below cv . But this is the norm for Linh as she always puts her students first and strives for excellent in every way. If you are thinking of whether or not to sign up with linh please dont think just do it. You wont regret it.We checked out lots of companies and their coaches and this was the best by far for many reasons. Linh was the coach that met all our needs and we could not recommend her more. Feel free to contact me if you have any doubts. 5 stars

    Jan McKain Avatar
    Jan McKain
  • If you are thinking of property investment but don't know where to start, Linh is definitely your go-to person and she will hold your hand along the way. She is a 100% genuine property expert that put her heart and soul into ensuring that you achieve success. I have been working with Linh for several years now. She has helped many of her students achieve their financial goals through property investment. Linh always put her students first and her support will blow you away. She is not just an awesome property coach, but also a best friend who is generous with sharing her wealth of knowledge. Highly recommend Linh and her life-changing program. It will be the best financial decision of your life!

    Chanelle Yu Avatar
    Chanelle Yu

    Linh is business savvy, knowledgeable and professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. Lihn has put us on to 3 properties and hopefully many more. Lihn has a great sense of humour which makes the adventure all the more fun. I totally recommend her as a coach.

    Geoff 'Fish' Troughton Avatar
    Geoff 'Fish' Troughton
  • It would be more than 5 stars if I can to give. I wished I would joined Ron and Linh earlier.

    NZCAD Draughting Avatar
    NZCAD Draughting

    Linh is a young women whom has experienced a lot more than the average person in life and with those life experiences Linh is one of the most onto it coaches in her field of expertise . Some of those skills are how to handle your finances to finding the best rental property in your budget that will pay you the best returns in the future . An example of what she found for my wife and I is a property in Mt Eden that it is convertible , on budget and the banks e-value after signing the dotted line was $155000 over what We paid for it . That’s nearly three times my salary we earned on paper in one stroke of the pen . Personality wise she is straight up honest , energetic fun loving person that really has your interests at heart .

    Paul Hutter Avatar
    Paul Hutter
  • I would recommend Linh to anyone wanting to get into the property market. She has helped me to add another property onto my portfolio. Her attention to detail is spectacular and she readily available all the time to help. Once again thank you Linh and I’m happy to be one of your students.

    Al Madondo Avatar
    Al Madondo

    I met Linh not knowing what to expect, I was inexperienced and didn’t really have a sense of direction of where I wanted to go with this whole journey, but Linh was very patient and understanding and tried her absolute best to provide me with options. Her personality made it very easy for us to get along and I always felt comfortable around her when she’d walkthrough me on situations, which made it much easier for me to soak up all the information and knowledge she was giving me. Her knowledge and experience in this industry is incomparable and I would highly recommend anyone looking to get into property because she is the coach for you!!

    Andy Nguyen Avatar
    Andy Nguyen
  • I first met Linh 3 years ago. I was really impressed with her positive strong energy and also how generous, selflessness she is.
    She can talk non stop about property, she teaches me about the property cycles, the clock,...
    She is like a wonder women. She has incredible knowledge about property in Auckland. And which strategy works for each of her students.
    I've met, worked with, and sought advice from several property coaches and groups. They’re all smart,nice and generous. But Linh is not only that when it comes to the giving and sharing of her knowledge and time. she is also the definition of altruistic. Linh has no ulterior motives, no desire for recognition, or monetary reward, all she wants to do is help other like-minded Kiwis succeed at being financially free through property.

    If you want to emulate a successful Property Coach with a proven track record, you would be silly not to connect with Linh. Just think what your opportunity cost would be if you do nothing. I’m so grateful that I meet her. She always encourage me and she is more than a property coach, Linh is like a financial coach, role model, big sister to me.

    Recently she managed to get me a property in double gramma 1.02M CV for $809k
    Over 210k cheaper than market price.

    Tiffany Nguyen Avatar
    Tiffany Nguyen

    Ron and his team are extremely helpful knowledgeable and professional. Ron is very genuine and honest person . We so glad that we have chance to work and learn from him. We thank him and our coach Linh for their excellent help advice and guidance. They help us to have great goal investment, personal development. They’re more like family. We really recommend this team to join.

    Thao Nguyen Avatar
    Thao Nguyen
  • It is my immense pleasure to recommend Linh Nguyen as a property mentor for any individual or family searching for the ideal house for their unique financial situation. I was looking for investment properties but did not know practically how to go about in detail.
    Linh had an initial meeting with me and took diligent notes regarding my specific needs as well as my budgetary limitations. She is highly talented technologically and made excellent use of the relevant computer programs to analyse properties and provided good contacts to get expert advice.
    She knows Auckland City like the back of her hand. There is nothing that escapes Linh’s attention when it comes to property for sale in this area.
    I found Linh to be a highly attentive person. She returned all phone calls and emails the same day. I never felt neglected or unimportant. She is also highly personable with an engaging personality. Linh is honest and her thoughtful advice always works like a charm.
    I am pleased to recommend Linh Nguyen to anyone looking to buy a house with an investment purpose. She is hands down the best in the business in my opinion and if I need to buy a house she will be my first choice to get her decisive advice.

    Yeung Jun Yoo Avatar
    Yeung Jun Yoo

    I joined Ronovationz less than 18 months ago. During our time with Ronovationz we have purchased 2 properties that I am super proud of, we are about to renovate the 2nd one. My personal coach is Linh, she is amazing at what she does. What makes her stand out, is her absolute dedication to her students. I have also had the pleasure of dealing with the other coaches, they are all very competent in all aspects of property, location, price, quality and they know their numbers on how to make things work. I have enjoyed my time with them and highly recommend joining if you are in the market to invest in property. We chose Ronovationz after doing lots of homework on couple of other groups, because it fits in with our lifestyle. Saturday’s on the road looking at houses is an adventure of its own! Ron has been super amazing too and freely shares his extensive knowledge around property with the students. S&Wayne.

    Basil Basil Avatar
    Basil Basil
  • Linh Nguyen is the real deal! love your energy and spirit.

    Des Siaki Tema Avatar
    Des Siaki Tema

    Linh is truly exceptional and is highly recommended to those who want honest feedback. She provides a good mix of personal advise and property coaching. She's also very generous in her knowledge in property realm, and will go above and beyond to help achieve your goals. She not only knows the property market, but is also really good at teaching, explaining and demonstrating property buying process in simple terms. Her students learn to be great investors, and how to make smart and informed decisions themselves. It is apparent that she is a skilled property investor, and is passionate in sharing her property investment skills and techniques. She's also very analytical and these skills are readily transferable to her students, to help them get the best property deals available in the market.
    Ron's presence is also invaluable, and has many years of knowledge, experience and insight, and is always there when I need him. His warmth, kindness, generosity, and being a great father figure has given us all the courage and knowledge to buy properties confidently without any doubt. Ron is someone whom we all aspire to be, and is a great role model.
    Ronovationz as a group have been extremely helpful so far. All of the students and coaches are very positive, love to share their knowledge, and create a very welcoming environment. It has become very encouraging and easy to keep the momentum of our property buying journey.

    S.M.H Avatar
  • Linh has been our coach for 18 months. She is a whirlwind of enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge and experience. Linh has helped us nail two purchases and one big Reno so far. The hours that this lady gives is phenomenal. And she pushes you along to succeed. I can’t rate her highly enough

    Trevor Starr Avatar
    Trevor Starr

    I have known Ron Hoy Fong for many years & decided to take the plunge in joining his team. We were very fortunate to have Linh Nguyen as a coach. She proved exceptional and has been committed to help us & treated us as a family member.
    I can truly recommend Linh Nguyen as being passionate & a hands on coach as her motives to help us proved time & time again.
    Must say she has been awesome ! Efficient & effective with her time and is backed by many professional people that work together as a team for a common cause to make it all happen.
    Just putting it out there Linh Nguyen comes highly recommended
    As a recent purchaser of a property this is a success story.
    Thank you very much Renovationz Team for being part of our property journey.

    Rob & Marivic McFall Avatar
    Rob & Marivic McFall
  • We Joined Linh 4 months ago, and were immediately thrown into a whole new world of education and negotiation with Linh by our side every step of the way, pushing us when we needed pushing, holding us back when we needed holding back and answering all our many, many questions. 4 months later we have our first property and a much greater understanding of all aspects of property investment which is still been built upon, for when we are ready to invest again.
    None of this would have been possible without Linh and the Ronovations group, and we cannot thank or recommend her enough!

    John Gray Avatar
    John Gray

    Ever since we joined, we have loved being a part of the Ronovationz family. Our coach is Linh and with her help and guidance we have recently been able to settle on a new investment. Linh has been so easy to work with, answering all my questions, providing guidance, and keeping on our case to help get us the results. Without her and Ronovationz we wouldn't have been able to get this property and we can't wait to continue working with them as we go along our investment property journey :)

    Adrienne Hooper Avatar
    Adrienne Hooper
  • A high energy driven property coach who delivers results! Linh Nguyen comes highly recommended for anyone looking to purchase their first home or build an investment property portfolio.
    Linh brings the fun to property investing, her infectious enthusiasm is contagious.
    Our experience has been a truly family affair with our children involved in goal setting, looking at houses and learning about the market. Linh has fully supported having our children along and actively encouraged it. To us that is where the real value is – we are passing on knowledge that has taken us a lifetime to acquire to our children & setting them up with the right mind set and knowledge to succeed in the future. The best decision we made in 2017 was to join Ronovationz and have Linh as our coach. The secret to getting ahead is getting started.
    Linh’s knowledge of the local market street by street makes her the ideal person to guide and advise you on our first, second or tenth purchase.
    Thank you Linh for all your support encouragement and passion, we love working with you and look forward to continuing our property journey in 2018!

    L.W & C.W Avatar
    L.W & C.W

    As soon as we met Linh we could see that she has an incredible understanding of all aspects of property investment. We learnt so much from Linh so quickly that only two and a half weeks after meeting her we bought our first investment property. It needed a full renovation so she linked us up with a building project manager who's team did a fantastic job. The property has been revalued at $155,000 above what we have spent. She recommended a property manager who has found us an excellent tenant at a great rate. Linh has a great team around her with links to everything we need from mortgage brokers to property managers. She is highly motivated to help people get ahead financially and we have been especially impressed with her integrity. We know we would not have achieved the outcome we did without Linh and her team. Thanks Linh

    Sarah Schonberger Avatar
    Sarah Schonberger
  • I've met, worked with, and sought advice from several property coaches and groups since I started my investment journey in 2016. I was always impressed by how generous they were, not only with their time but their advice.

    It wasn't until I came across Linh and became her student, that I realised what the true meaning of generosity and selflessness really was. I was blown away by the amount of one-on-one time she dedicated to me, let alone her other students. Linh is like a dog with a bone, tirelessly motivating, encouraging, advising and connecting me with the right people in her extensive network.

    I’ve gotten to know Linh well since becoming part of the Ronovationz family. I’ve found she is not only liberal when it comes to the giving and sharing of her knowledge and time (sometimes to the detriment of her own young family), she is also the definition of altruistic. Linh has no ulterior motives, no desire for recognition, or monetary reward, all she wants to do is help other like-minded Kiwis succeed at being financially free through property.

    Linh has always gone one step beyond what I have ever expected of her, she anticipates my questions before I ask them, if she doesn’t know the answer, she will do her own research or seek out someone that does, saving me stress and precious time - thank you!

    Linh knows everything and anything there is to about buying your first home or investment property in Auckland. She has her finger on the pulse when it comes to the Auckland property market, she knows at any given time where we are in the Property Cycle, and which strategy works for each of her students.

    If you want to emulate a successful Property Coach with a proven track record, you would be silly not to connect with Linh. Just think what your opportunity cost would be if you do nothing. I’m so grateful our paths crossed.

    W Townsend Avatar
    W Townsend

    If you are thinking of investing in property or purchasing your own home, but don't know where to start, where to buy, what to buy, how much to pay.... then Ronovationz is the place to go. Ron Hoy Fong and his team are genuine and dedicated to ensuring you are armed with the correct information, support and motivation in making it happen. Being part of Ronovationz is like being part of an extended family, coaches work with you one on one every step of the way, and everyone provides much needed emotional support and motivation to keep with the plan. Linh Nguyen is an amazing coach who is 100% committed to each of her students' success. Thanks Ronovationz for helping me take my first steps onto the property ladder.

    Anna McLeod Avatar
    Anna McLeod
  • When we first joined Ronovationz we were originally assigned another coach but we'd always loved chatting to Linh and hearing about what she was achieving with her other students. Fortunately, our coach decided to leave and we made a beeline straight for Linh and luckily for us, she agreed to become our new coach.
    We wanted to work with Linh because of her fantastic attitude, dedicated work ethic and because we believed she could help start us on our property journey. I find her really easy to talk to and deal with and know she will be on my case if I start slacking off with looking for property, so she is brilliant at keeping you focused and working towards your goals. We've recently gone unconditional on our first property with Linh even though our finance was a bit touch and go. I'm so excited to start our renovations on this property and then can't wait to keep working with Linh as we look for new properties for our portfolio.
    Thanks so much for your help and guidance Linh, it's really been appreciated. Looking forward to continue working with you!!! :)

    Adrienne Hooper Avatar
    Adrienne Hooper

    I have been working with Linh for several years now. Her knowledge, integrity and enthusiasm as a property coach is amazing and would be happy to recommend her to others whether they are new to property or a seasoned investor!

    Jared HF Avatar
    Jared HF
  • Linh really knows what she's doing and doing great at that. Help in preventing you taking the wrong decision and teaches you a lot. Help make deals happen.

    Joe Julia Avatar
    Joe Julia

    Linh is the type of coach who goes over and beyond for her students. She has a customised plan for each student, including short and long term goals, depending on their needs. On top of all that, Linh is also a warm, genuine, and fun person. Being her student also means that you will laugh till your tear

    Jenny Sun Avatar
    Jenny Sun

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