Jason Tan is a 3rd generation kiwi born Chinese in Auckland. With a back ground in business, sales and marketing, Jason enjoyed a successful corporate life in the fast paced marketing agency environment.

In the background, Jason also started property investing on his own from 2002, however it wasn’t till many years later that Jason came across Ronovationz and through Ron’s guidance grew his property portfolio to double digits within 6 months!

Possessing a unique skill set combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ron encouraged him to become a coach to help others achieve success in property and his ability to inspire and impart his knowledge and experiences has helped him become one of the most popular coaches.

In his free time, Jason cherishes being a loving husband to his wife Akiko and father to his two children Ethan & Mischa. He also enjoys the thrill of motorcycles and a lifelong passion for tennis.

Q & A


Property is a basic necessity that everyone should have the right to enjoy. I have successfully built a multi million dollar property portfolio to provide financial independence for my family and the generations to come and I want to help others achieve similar success through the support and education I can provide.


Seeing the changes in people as the embark on their property journey. Watching their mindset expand and belief systems change to a ‘Can Do’ attitude.


The greatest motivation in my life has been starting from zero. When you have nothing more to loose there is only one way you can go…upwards. My biggest inspiration has been my loving wife and two children, for they are the reason I continue to strive and be a success.


Part of being successful is to surround yourself with successful people. The 600+ lifetime members become your peer group. Well set goals help you survive the winters of your life and pull you through. You won’t be lost in the middle because you will see beyond. If you will change, everything will change. Give up your old plans and start a new ones.

  • As a savvy property investor himself, Jason offered great insight when I purchased my first investment property. From viewing, analysing, auction, negotiation to renovation and leasing, Jason patiently guided me through the process. I particularly appreciate Jason’s approach of not just assisting me with a purchase, but also transferring his knowledge to educate me to become a better investor. I highly recommend Jason to those looking for a coach who is approachable and professional.

    Maranda Avatar

    Jason has been an awesome coach for us who offered lots of help and guidance from the first day we joined Ronovationz. He is always there whenever we have any queries or unsure of anything. He went through open homes and with us, also the on the road, offered really wise advice, he is the property guru!

    Jess & Josh Avatar
    Jess & Josh
  • Jason has a genuine interest in the work he does. His passion shows...

    Therese Arahill Avatar
    Therese Arahill

    Jason has been our coach for 9 months now and since the moment we met him he has been up front, honest and completely trust worthy. He has helped us get our foot on the property ladder and taught us so much along the way. He is always available no matter what time of the day and always happy to answer questions and help out. He has always gone above and beyond as our coach and we have been very impressed with him. I know we will have a life long relationship with Jason and we really look forward to him helping us throughout our future, learning a lot from him and having a strong friendship. I would most certainly recommend Jason as a property coach who will give his all to help!

    Sarah & Jeremy Avatar
    Sarah & Jeremy
  • My name is Steve and I have known Jason for about a year. Before I met Jason, I had no idea what Ronovationz was about. In late July 2016, my wife and I were invited to the fortnightly Ronovationz meeting as guests. We came to the meeting with no knowledge about investment in real-estate, and were feeling unease as we always thought that it is out of our reach. After the meeting, Jason came along and introduced himself and encouraged us to get involved in real-estate. In early October 2016, we bought our first investment property. During house hunting, we got so much support from Jason, not just verbally (Financial advice, real-estate knowledge, accounting, government regulation, due diligence, and so forth), as sometimes we had to visit potential units/houses during off hours apart from fortnightly OTR (On The Road). Jason had never said no to our requests.
    Jason is friendly, patient, and conscientious. He is passionate in his role and is very supportive. We can 100% believe in him. I strongly recommend the adoption of Jason as the coach in Ronovationz team if anyone would like to succeed in real-estate without any unnecessary hassles or delays.

    Steve Avatar

    Life is an interesting journey and at the age of 20 I were given the opportunity to purchase my first property from the company that I was working for. This was life changing as a single guy that had no knowledge of property 16.5% mortgage rates with no business training.! All this occurred in the small regional towns of the eastern Bay of Plenty. Fast forward 30+ years and many Reno's later and trivial capital growth. My wife and I made the huge life changing decision to move closer to her aging parents living in Auckland. The only areas that we knew were the Bombay hills, Auckland airport and skycity. On a miraculous off chance we bumped into Ron and his team. Their knowledge of the city was incredible. He has lived here all his life. My wife and l sat down with Ron and our coach Jason...an hour later we knew and understood which way to move with our residential investing. This meant cutting out non-preforming properties and placing our hard earned money into strong sound preforming suburbs in Auckland. We cut out 3 properties that allowed us to purchase 1 in Ellerslie. It has grown faster than the other 3 put together. We have purchased another now with Ron and Jason given their wealth of knowledge and support every step of the way.
    The best thing we have done is purchasing this mentoring program from Ron. We realised not to was going to be a FALSE ECONOMY for us. The membership cost, was minor. We now realise it would have cost us many many more thousands due to our lack of knowledge of Auckland and with a larger mortgage than before. The great news is, our investments hasn't looked stronger!

    Andrew Stoddart Avatar
    Andrew Stoddart
  • I have known Ron Hoy Fong since 2001, when we both attended an event run by Richmastery. Over the years we have crossed paths at various events. My observation of Ron is that he is a man of integrity; long after he could have retired with a wealthy lifestyle, he keeps working and giving of his time sacrificially to mentor others.. not because he wants or needs the money - but because he loves to see others achieve financial freedom. Ron has built a team of coaches around him, who all share the same passion to help others. As a group they are positive but not showy, supportive and encouraging, helpful but not pushy, humble and gracious.

    In 2014 l sold down my portfolio of 18 houses to try to save my marriage (ultimately it was too late, but l am grateful that l have been given a second chance at love and recently re-married:), l am now rebuilding. Having spent three months looking at all the current mentoring group options, I believe Ronovationz offers me the best options.. a buy-to-hold strategy buying in premium parts of Auckland at cashflow neutral (or close to it) and opportunity to create immediate equity and add real value, which is very tax efficient (compared to trading). I have recovered the mentoring fee that l paid 5 times over with my first purchase, and whereas most all other groups charge their fee every year, Ronovationz is paid once only, and you are a joined for life :)
    Thank you Ron and your team - special thanks to coach Jason Tan for your time and shared wisdom - you are all great. And thank you Mrs Hoy Fong and family, for sharing your husband and father with the world, bless your hearts all of you ❤

    Lincoln Cobham Avatar
    Lincoln Cobham

    Jason recently helped me buy my first investment property. His knowledge and skill in all aspects of buying, renovating and renting out a property made the entire process easier and more stress free than I ever thought possible. What Jason doesn’t know bout buying property in Auckland isn’t worth knowing and he’s also a bloody nice guy to boot & infinitely available and approachable. I can’t recommend Jason highly enough

    Paul Avatar
  • I never thought we could get on the property latter let alone own a home worth over 800k and growing. If you told me a year ago that I would own a home I would have laughed at you, now this dream is real. Thank you Ronovationz and coach Jason for being so pivotal in our financial literacy and wealth creating journey :)

    Tam alams Avatar
    Tam alams

    Best decision joining Ronovationz Jason and the Team are amazing coaches and extremely helpful my wife and I are truly grateful.

    Michael Kaufusi Avatar
    Michael Kaufusi
  • Jason is a super coach! His knowledge of property investment is extensive and current, thereby allowing him to give expert advice to his students. He is always available and is friendly, approachable and always willing to go the extra mile for his students.

    Les Avatar

    Jason takes into account your situation and encourages the best path for you for a successful financial future. He is compassionate and always positive as well as keeping you active in the market.
    He is completely trustworthy and has his clients best interest at heart.

    Sarah Lowe Avatar
    Sarah Lowe
  • I have only good things to say about Ronovationz - since meeting Ron, joining and being prepped by my coach Jason Tan, I've levelled up my understanding of property and how to get stuck in. The community and mentors are very active and there's always an opportunity to learn, ask questions and generally have the support of other like-minded people on their own property journey.

    Jason is driven, motivating, patient and fearless - all the qualities you could ask for in a coach. My wife and I went from having very little idea of what to do, to picking up our first place in an auction thanks to Jason. He processed our situation, our resources and our requirements and helped us come out on top. Highly recommended.

    Matt Gretton Avatar
    Matt Gretton

    Jason is Calm! He brings me back to focusing on what needs to be done before I can buy my first property with Ronovationz. He reads my comments in messages and also listens carefully and gives feedback to help move me to "the best thought approach" to enable me to achieve my goals. Grateful to know you Jason!

    Alaine Tasker Avatar
    Alaine Tasker
  • I would highly recommend Jason without a doubt!
    This man is authentic in his approach to coaching property investing. The sound knowledge and wisdom Jason carries is evident through his own property journey and accomplishments which he openly shares. It was because of him that I was able to purchase my very first investment property in a central Auckland location last year. I happened to be out of the country when my offer was accepted on a property and it was Jason that organized the meth testing and building report for me telling me to just enjoy my holiday and that he will sort it out. Came settlement day and strangely the vendors were not in a position to settle for a couple of weeks. Even when Jason was on a business conference trip overseas he still managed to call and check up on my situation, to see whether I’d settled yet and to check if everything was okay.
    If this is not going beyond my expectations then I don’t t know what is. Actions speak louder than the words I have shared so if you would like to make a start on your property journey knowing you are in great hands then give Jason Tan a buzz, he’d be more than willing to help you.

    Lindsey Sun Avatar
    Lindsey Sun

    hanks Jason for being such an amazing property coach.
    Without your help we would have never moved forward with plans to purchase an investment property.
    You helped us through all aspects of the process and when the time came to purchase - we had no hesitation to act.
    Now we have a plan for our families future and putting that into action.
    I especially appreciate your approach and style. I think this was a big part in building our comfort level as well as access to knowledge, people, tools and information.
    Having a young family and limited time it was a great help to be able to meet online over video conference so we could fit everything into a busy schedule.

    Kit Walker Avatar
    Kit Walker
  • Jason is very approachable, willing to help with any property advice and supporting with his knowledge. Very down to earth and likeable. We are happy to have him as our property coach

    Darren & Faith Anderson Avatar
    Darren & Faith Anderson

    I joined Ronovationz at a time in my investing career whereby I was in a financial dilemma due to some poor decision making on my part, with two existing rentals. I was in a very dark space, until I met Jason Tan my Wealth Coach, who truly did ‘show me the light’ and saved me from a potentially disastrous outcome! Through Jason’s expert guidance and knowledge, we were able to define a new strategy for me, which got me out of financial trouble, and back on track to investing in the right areas

    Words cannot express my gratitude towards Jason and the entire Ronovationz team for helping me when I needed it most. Jason throughout my experience with Ronovationz has ‘always been there for me’, and I think it’s in the way he approaches a situation with a very calm and considered attitude. He actively listens to your concerns, which is very confidence inspiring, and knowing he’s been in these same situations before, not just in theory, puts you in a much better position to move forward. I look forward to building on our investing relationship for many, many more years to come!

    Greg Avatar
  • Jason has been a wonderfully supportive and readily accessible coach from the very first contact, through the journey in finding the right property, the auction process and working hand in hand through our renovation. Having Jason alongside us during every step has given us additional confidence to successfully move forward with our investment dreams.

    Donna Avatar

    Jason helped me buy a house. He made me a small fortune. Having him as my coach was the best business decision I’ve ever made. In addition, he’s smart, personable, loves patiently teaching, always honest, and really really conscientious - he returns texts, emails and phone calls in 30 seconds. Finally, he’s a down to earth aspirational entrepreneur and a regular kiwi guy, where FairPlay and fun can co exist with rapid action and business savvy.

    Jet Conde Avatar
    Jet Conde
  • Without a doubt, would not be first home owners if it weren't for the guidance and expertise of this great man! From the very first time we made contact with Jason, he has been approachable, supportive and relentless in helping us reach our goals. Despite being a coach to many other eager students, somehow Jason always finds time to reply to our constant trail of messages/texts, answer phone calls, assist at auctions, view open homes and the list goes on!! If you are looking into the property market but have no idea where to start, I would absolutely recommend Coach Jason Tan!

    Asa Sitiveni Vete Avatar
    Asa Sitiveni Vete

    Jason is a great coach! He is very genuine and he will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, which I think is very important because you need someone like that as a coach, especially when purchasing a property as it is a huge commitment. Jason helped us purchased our first property. He will help you every step of the way but also ensures that you’re learning along the way too. He will give you knowledge and will always be there 24/7 to answer all your queries or concerns. People invest in nutritionist, personal trainers and sports coaches to be healthy, fit and win games, but investing in a property coach like Jason can help you invest in your future to live a more comfortable life and be able to enjoy retirement. Thank you Jason for all your help, support and always answering our questions.

    Maribel Kaufusi Avatar
    Maribel Kaufusi
  • Earlier this year I decided I would like to add to my property portfolio but felt I lacked the support and knowledge to do this on my own. The internal monologue of cashflow versus capital gains, types of property to invest in was becoming repetitive and getting me nowhere. Since joining in March, Jason has been the biggest support in helping me to define my investment strategy which in turn provided me the clarity I was seeking. There are many great things about Jason but I am most impressed by his dedication to his students. He gives a lot to his students by never holding back on his wealth of knowledge and generosity with his time. I was finance ready and eager to buy. I looked at many different properties. I would send through listings for Jason to review day in, day out and was always amazed by his prompt response no matter what hour of the day I emailed him. Every open home I attended, he was right there with me talking through the pros and cons. Patience must be a strong point of his. I asked lots of questions. No matter how many questions I asked, he never made me feel like a bother. He is pragmatic and I like that he tells you how it is, no sugar coatings despite having a marketing background. Within 2 weeks of joining we went to 3 auctions with the intention to buy. Moments like that also made me appreciate having him as my coach. Whereas I would have been a nervous wreck on my own, his calmness rubbed off on me. He made it look so effortless and definitely achieved far better result for me than if I had attempted to bid myself. Joining Ronovationz was definitely the best decision I made this year and I am very grateful for being a part of Jason’s team.

    Terry C Avatar
    Terry C

    Jason has been a great help for my journey into the property market, I found him to be very helpful , knowledgeable and resourceful.
    I would not hesitate in referring Jason as my property coach, not only does how know his stuff, he is also a great guy to have on your side!

    Hus Avatar
  • Highly recommend Jason as a coach - very responsive, reliable and there with you every step of the way

    Alisha Castle Avatar
    Alisha Castle

    One word: AMAZING!

    Jason is the person/coach you should be looking for when it comes to property investing or buying your first home. He’s really helpful and strategic in this approach. Sharing his passion all the time, he never fails to amaze you with the up-to-date knowledge he has on the current NZ market.

    He will go over and beyond your expectations all the time! If you’re looking to find a coach he is the real deal. He will sit down with you and make sure that you are in good hands. Feel free to have a chat or go on a call with him. Trust me, you will be well taken care of.

    Jeremy Lim Avatar
    Jeremy Lim
  • Ronovationz team are all very helpful i highly recommend. Jason Tan is a great coach, negotiation skills are amazing, and as a coach has a the ability to keep you in-check and focus on whats important. Jason is Genuine and has your best interests in mind.

    Ryan Avatar

    Thanks so much Jason! I've learned so much from you, and I keep learning every day. You're knowledgeable, genuine and reliable. Thank you for your support!

    Kellys Osorio Avatar
    Kellys Osorio
  • Since having Jason as my property coach, he's been a great mentor and provides common sense advice. He knows the market and what the trends are. He provides advice if and when needed and is always on call! Although he is very busy with other students, he always makes you feel that you're the only person he's dealing with when discussing matters with him.
    Jason invests time in himself to always improve his skills and knowledge, and he passes that knowledge onto others.
    I'm very lucky and pleased that Jason is my coach, as I know I can rely on him to make sure I'm making sound investment choices, which will make me and my family very comfortable in the future.

    Raymond Avatar

    Within one year under Jason's guidance, his market knowledge and investment expertise led us to double our number of investment properties. He actively assisted our learning: from the property search right through to bidding and winning every auction for us. Our strategy is now strong and our net worth position now set to reap exponential rewards come the next cycle. His guidance has generated never-ending rewards for us. Thank you Jason

    Ilse Avatar

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