It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you don't stop

Jason Tan

Master Property Wealth Coach
It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you don't stop

Jason Tan is a 3rd generation kiwi born Chinese in Auckland. With a back ground in business, sales and marketing, Jason enjoyed a successful corporate life in the fast paced marketing agency environment.

In the background, Jason also started property investing on his own from 2002, however it wasn’t till many years later that Jason came across Ronovationz and through Ron’s guidance grew his property portfolio to double digits within 6 months!

Possessing a unique skill set combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ron encouraged him to become a coach to help others achieve success in property and his ability to inspire and impart his knowledge and experiences has helped him become one of the most popular coaches.

Jason’s incredibly passionate when it comes to property, easy going and a gun in the auction rooms which makes him the guy you want by your side.

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Why are you a property coach?

Property is a basic necessity that everyone should have the right to enjoy. I have successfully built a multi million dollar property portfolio to provide financial independence for my family and the generations to come and I want to help others achieve similar success through the support and education I can provide.

What is your biggest motivation?

The greatest motivation in my life has been starting from zero. When you have nothing more to loose there is only one way you can go…upwards. My biggest inspiration has been my loving wife and two children, for they are the reason I continue to strive and be a success.

Why should people choose Ronovationz

Part of being successful is to surround yourself with successful people. The 600+ lifetime members become your peer group. Well set goals help you survive the winters of your life and pull you through. You won’t be lost in the middle because you will see beyond. If you will change, everything will change. Give up your old plans and start a new ones.

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