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Did you know that one of the safest investments a person could make in NZ is in property? And what’s better is that anyone can get into it! All you need is assistance from Ronovationz Property Wealth Coaches.

What Is Property Investment?

Do you have a flat, apartment or home that you rent out? If so, then you already are a property investor! Property investment is when you invest a portion of your finances into a property. It could be residential – such as a cottage, an apartment building, a flat, or even a house. Or it could be commercial – like office space, a factory, warehouses, and more. When you invest your finances within a property, you’re hoping to make a decent return – and if you’ve ever rented or sold a property and made a profit, then you already have.

Why Invest In Auckland

Auckland isn't getting smaller, if anything, it's growing bigger and faster than we can imagine. A combination of factors have created an ongoing housing shortage in Auckland, which in turn increases the demand for good rental properties.

Why Invest In Property

Property investment is one of the most popular investments the majority of people make because it’s passive and safe. It’s stable, predictable, and tangible. It’s the only investment that provides multiple streams of income and increases exponentially over the years, providing an even more significant return. Not only will it earn money for you while you put little effort into the investment, but it also allows you to reap the benefits multiple times over. If you’re looking to start your journey with a property mentor, then you’ve come to the right place.

Why Use Ronovationz?

At Ronovationz, we believe in making Auckland a better place for the people who live here. It’s not that difficult, because we love Auckland already – but we want our clients to love it too! We believe, with a proven track record, that Auckland is a worthy area in New Zealand to invest your hard-earned money into. With more people looking for homes, there is ample opportunity to invest. The property market in Auckland is booming. At Ronovationz, we want to take the lead, with mentoring, coaching, and informational seminars, and bring you to heights of prosperity.



Enjoy a FREE 1:1 consultation with Ron. He will discuss your property goals and how and his team of Property Mentoring Coaches can help you achieve them.

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    Enjoy a FREE 1:1 consultation with one of our experienced Property Coaches. They will discuss your property goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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