Reuben Pillsbury

Property Wealth Coach

Reubens passion is helping others to attain success – on their terms. Everybody has a different set of circumstances and different needs and aspirations. His job is to listen and then use his expertise to provide tailored property solutions for his clients.

He believes that it is everyone’s birthright to be able to grow wealth and achieve the freedom to do what they want with their lives – whether that be more leisure, more time with loved ones, travelling the world and enjoying the finer things in life, or having a legacy to leave for one’s children. We all have a desire to exit the rat-race and to be in charge of our own destiny.

Reuben discovered early on that property was the best vehicle for wealth creation. He bought his first property in 2002 and continued to grow his portfolio, first in South Auckland and later in the central suburbs. Alongside his long-term buy-and-hold strategy, he was a successful TV director making shows for the BBC, National Geographic, and TVNZ. He then started a video production company specialising in helping corporates tell their stories. That business has afforded him the freedom to continue investing and to follow his passion for coaching others.

Reuben has found that Property is as much personal psychology as it is strategy and numbers. Many people don’t know where to start or have had setbacks in the past. They might also have had friends and relatives giving well-meaning but misguided advise. It can feel like a minefield of hidden dangers and misinformation leaving people overwhelmed and unable to make a start. That’s where coaching comes in. Property is quite simple if you form the right plan, work the plan, and do it systematically. Reuben likes to think he takes the confusion and pain out property and to make it a fun, positive learning experience.

Ultimately Reubens aim is to make a lot of money for his students on each house purchase, but also to equip them with the knowledge and confidence so that they feel empowered to create the wealth and the life that they want for themselves and their families.

He has helped kiwis and immigrants to take those key steps to change their lives for the better and genuinely loves the people he gets to work with. It’s a pleasure and a privilege. He looks forward to meeting you and accompanying you on your property journey.

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