Why You Need A Real Estate Mentor

April 20, 2023
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Is it necessary for you to have a mentor when you enter the real estate investment industry in New Zealand? The correct answer is yes. They are widely beneficial and have much to offer as you navigate your way in a new and competitive industry. Here’s why you need to find a real estate mentor to help you.

Why A Mentorship?

When you have a mentor, in any industry, you’re provided with experience, advice and guidance. They should have more experience than you do in your industry so that they can provide the much-needed knowledge to help you succeed. Here’s more on why you need a real estate mentor.

You Avoid Pitfalls 

Making errors of judgment can break your career. You could invest in failed ventures and go bankrupt, accrue debt that you can’t repay, or even suffer from legal ramifications. With a mentor to guide you, they can advise on whether certain real estate investments will succeed, or not. They can even assist you in pitfalls you’ve already found yourself in, helping you change the state of affairs and come out unscathed on the other side. They can even help you preserve your reputation, assist you in learning what to trust or not, and how to manage your investments so that they become successes.

You Reach Your Potential 

It’s difficult to see your own potential, especially when you’re just starting in the property investment industry and trying to be careful. However, being too careful could be to your detriment. A mentor will help you realise your potential, and assist you in taking the necessary steps needed to reach it. When you’re looking at yourself, you might be too close to see what you’re capable of, but having someone on the outside tell you what they can see in you, is very helpful.

Your Speed Improves 

As mentioned, being too careful so not to make mistakes that will cost you dearly, it’s like moving at a glacial pace. Yes, you shouldn’t be reckless with your investments and finances, but a mentor can be a right hand to guide you. Having another perspective will help you reach your goals faster while avoiding potential errors.

You Learn Accountability 

It’s easy to have big dreams, but it takes a lot of hard work to turn them into a reality. With a mentor as your copilot, they’ll encourage you to keep going when the journey gets challenging and help you to improve and maintain your momentum.

Having a mentor at your side is hugely beneficial, especially when you have a lot to learn. Remember – they’ve already been there, made a few mistakes, and learned from them. If you have a real estate mentor assisting you on your property investment journey, you can avoid making the same mistakes as you learn from them in turn. Your success will reach further than if you went at it alone, so take the help where you can get it.